Who we are (Start Here).

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Who we are (Start Here).

Post by UnoLou2 on Sat Mar 25, 2017 9:27 pm

Coastal Mining Corp
is a (for profit) mining decentralized organization dedicated to the crypto mining industry. The company's operations and financial obligations will be the sole responsibility of CMC coin holders. It's sole purpose it to operate in the best interest of it's equity and debt holders. Currently the only 2 ways to obtain a CMC Coin. The first is to participate in the forum with useful and valuable content. That's called the points system.

The other is to earn reputation points. this is earned based on how useful the content you posted was. That can be explained in the image below.

Governance and budgeting will be conducted using a proposal system along with a final vote. For the moment the members have one vote each for the final proposals tally.

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